I need help!
By maintaining the majority of the game information updated and accessible in our FAQ pages, we aim to support and respond to our players. Our database, which our specialists wrote, covers the most frequently asked questions and answers the most urgent issues. Before contacting our support, we kindly ask that you go through the Help Center and do a search for the keywords or categories that are related to your inquiry.
In-Game Support
You may contact our Player Support by clicking on the Chat icon (Android version)/Contact Us button (iOS version) inside our FAQ articles if our FAQ does not already address your question or if you wish to report a game-related issue.
You will be directed to an answer bot by the in-game support, which will gather information about your game account and profile before opening a ticket. Our team will get in touch with you for a follow-up if necessary. You may also use our in-game help to make recommendations and provide feedback to our devs!

[How to directly contact Support]