We are always looking at ways to reward players.

Here are some places to start look for Gold:
  • Daily Rewards
  • Daily Tasks
  • Achievements
Aside from Tasks, Achievements and Daily Rewards, have you played some of our EVENTS yet?
We have special EVENTS in Massive Warfare: Aftermath where you are given the following:
  • Extra Cash
  • Extra Gold
  • Extra Fuel
  • Extra VIP
  • There's also a PIÑATA EVENT to obtain even more Gold!!!
Also, you may decide to watch some short VIDEO ADS and you will get more FREE GOLD BARS.

Other ways to get Gold:
ALLIANCE WARS are a great way to get Gold plus lots of other rewards (Tech, Cash, etc).
Also, there's the ALLIANCE TASKS which give additional Gold each week.
So, if you are not already in an alliance member, what are you waiting for?