Ultimate Abilities are new Vehicle Special Abilities that look to be added as a new refreshing game mechanic without disrupting the current Game Balance. Ultimate Abilities are based on the following rules:

  • As an initial implementation, only vehicles with a Tier 8 or Higher will have an Ultimate Ability. Similar to Tech Equipment, Ultimate Abilities can either have an Offensive, Defensive, or Supportive role.

  • Every Ultimate Ability is has three default variables:

    • Initial Cooldown: Time to wait to use the Ultimate Ability after starting a Battle.

    • Cooldown: Time to wait to use the Ultimate Ability after activating it.

  • If a player is playing with an (X) vehicle and respawns with a (Y) vehicle, the player is required to wait for the Initial Cooldown of the (Y) vehicle to use its Ultimate Ability.

Each Ultimate Ability has a Rarity Level: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The greatest is the rarity of an Ultimate Ability, the better are its statistics and overall Battle performance. 

The following Ultimates are available in-game:

  • Hovercraft (Neptune) – [Berserk]: Quick Reload + Extra Damage for [X] seconds.

  • Helicopter (KA-50) - [Satellite EMP]: Disable all vehicles present on the battleground in [Y] radius for [X] seconds. The vehicle is healed on [Z]% per each disabled vehicle.

  • Tank (T-08) - [War Turtle]: Activates a shield that makes the Tank invulnerable for [X] seconds, receiving impacts while the shield is active will heal the Tank on [Y]% based on the incoming shot total damage.

  • Helicopter (VIP Predator) - [Mega Mine]:  Creates an explosion in place destroying all enemy vehicles in [X] radius meters.

Ultimates are activated through a new Button available at Battle while using a Vehicle that has an Ultimate Ability.  The Ultimate Action Button has two different States:

  • Ready: Displayed when the Ultimate is Ready to be used (cooldown/activating time is over). Interacting with the button at this state activates the Vehicle’s Ultimate Ability and sets the Ultimate to be on Cooldown Status.

  • Charging: Displayed while an Ultimate is in cooldown. At this state, the button is noninteractable. Once cooldown is completed the Ultimate is set to be Ready.

In the game, you can check a specific  Vehicle’s Ultimate Ability through the Vehicle Ultimate Access Button now present in the Vehicle and Upgrade sections. The Access Button is available only on Vehicles that have an assigned Ultimate Ability.