Please read How does the Workshop Works to understand how to use the Workshop feature.

To craft a new Vehicle with Blueprints you must collect 10.000 Blueprints of its own type. By doing so, an Alert will be displayed on top of the Workshop Access Button in your Garage.

To complete a Vehicle Crafting you must:

  1. Have Crafted/Obtained 10.000 Blueprints of a specific Vehicle.
  2. Access the Workshop Screen.
  3. Use the Blueprints Button at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Look for the Vehicle that is ready to complete its Crafting process. These Vehicles are identified with an Alert and a Green Claim Button.
  5. Use the Green Claim Button and now select if you desire to have the Default Vehicle Skills or to obtain New Randomized Skills. Keep in mind that this decision can't be overridden and to obtain a different result you will be required to Dismantle your Vehicle and Craft it once again.

[How To Craft A Vehicle]

Keep in mind that if you want to complete the Crafting of a Vehicle you must first Dismantle the same Vehicle you desire to Craft in case you already own it. You can check if you already own a Vehicle through the Vehicles Section in your Garage or through the Showroom.

To Dismantle a Vehicle you must:

  1. At your Garage, tap on the Vehicles Section Button.
  2. Look and select the Vehicle you desire to Dismantle.
  3. Tap on the Red Button identified with a Recycle Icon.
  4. The Vehicle Dismantle Popup is displayed to inform you of the results of Dismantling your Vehicle.
  5. At the Dismantle Popup, use the Dismantle Button. Now you must confirm your action by introducing the Confirmation Code displayed on your Screen. Once you enter the Code, use the Confirm Button.

[How To Dismantle A Vehicle]