Claiming/Purchasing a Cosmetic Item will automatically add them to your Cosmetics Inventory, to see/equip them, use the Cosmetics Section Access Button (identified with a Pencil + Ruler icon) present in your Hangar to access your Cosmetics Inventory.

At your Cosmetics Inventory, you will find one Access Button per each available Cosmetic Type. The Access Buttons are identified with the Icon associated with its Cosmetic Type. The Buttons are ordered from top to bottom based on the following list:

  • Shoot Effect
  • Trail
  • Skin
  • Death Effect
  • Flag
  • Tag
  • Hat
  • Special Part
  • Antenna

Keep in mind that not all Access Buttons might be visible for you as this depends on your screen device. If you can't see all Buttons, you can scroll up or down on the Access Buttons on the right side of the screen to see other Cosmetic Items Access Buttons.

Remember to look in all Cosmetic Items Access Buttons to see if you have obtained your Claimed/Purchased Cosmetic Items, if the item is not present in your Cosmetics Inventory, be sure to contact us and we will do our best to help you out. Don’t forget to have a couple of Game Screenshots (Cosmetics Inventory Section where the Cosmetics are missions), your  User ID and the Purchase Receipt to faster the issue in our Help Center.

[How To Access The Cosmetics Inventory]

[How To Scroll The Cosmetics Inventory Access Buttons]