The Tech Equipment are special items you can use during the battle that give special abilities or enhances existing skills when activated. You can find information about each Tech by tapping on the tech equipment slots and selecting a Tech piece from your Tech Inventory.

To equip Tech Equipment, you must do so before battling, by tapping on the tech equipment slots at the Battle Preparation Screen and selecting the desired Tech. You can equip up to three different pieces of Tech Equipment per battle. On the same screen, it is also possible to automatically equip your Tech Equipment by using the Auto Equip Tech toggle.

[Selecting and Equipping Tech]

Tech Equipment can be found in Supply Crates (Click to Read) and at the Store in the Supply Crates section. 

How do I get better Tech Equipment?
You can obtain greater Tech pieces by opening high rarity Supply Crates.  Each type of crate contains a minimum and maximum amount of Tech pieces. Depending on the rarity of the crate you get, you will receive more or fewer Tech pieces.

The Tech pieces inside the supply crates are randomly drawn, and they can be classified according to their rarity. This means that some items are rare and it will be more difficult to find them.

Tech equipment can be classified as Common, Rare, or Legendary. It is much easier to find a common item instead of a rare or legendary one. The rarer the Tech is, the more difficult will be to find it.

How to use Tech Equipment?

In battle, you can activate a Tech piece by tapping the Left Arrow button next to the Lock Aim button, by doing so, a Tech piece activation button will appear for every Tech piece you have equipped. Tap on a Tech piece activation button to consume and use the Tech Equipment.