Alliance Wars allow Alliances to battle against each other for crates and trophies!

In order to participate the Alliance must opt-in by marking the checkbox in the Alliance War banner. Only Alliance Leaders and Co-Leaders can sign up their Alliance for battle on Mondays and Thursdays.

Alliance Wars will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday for battles that were signed up by Monday, and Friday and Saturday for battles that were signed up by Thursday.
By signing up for an Alliance War, the Alliance is matched with an enemy Alliance according to each Alliance's trophy amount. Alliance members from both Alliances will queue normally for the battle mode of each preference. The Alliance that has the highest kill count during both battle days wins the Alliance war.

At the end of the Alliance War, any player part of the Alliance will be rewarded. The winning team can earn up to three crates! Players have 24h to collect their rewards. That means that the collecting days are Thursdays and Sundays. If the rewards are not collected, they will expire and can no longer be claimed.

Furthermore, the winning Alliance will also earn trophies, which is how the  Alliance score is considered. The scoring system takes into consideration the total amount of kills that each Alliance does collectively.

By being defeated or not participating in an Alliance War, your Alliance will lose trophies.

The Alliance War rewards system takes into consideration the number of kills achieved by the Alliance and the total amount of trophies obtained. The number of kills defines if the Alliance wins or loses the war and will also set how many Crates the Alliance will receive.