Camouflage and Stickers are items that can be placed on your vehicle. These can be purchased from the Paint tab and limited-time offers or be earned as Daily Rewards.

Camouflages are customizations that not only change the appearance of your vehicle but they also increase your vehicle's Fire Power and/or Reload Speed by a certain percentage.

Stickers are customizations that add a sticker to your vehicle. These increase your vehicle's Defenses and/or Movement Speed by a certain percentage.

How do you equip Camouflage and/or Stickers?
When you purchase a Camouflage or Stickers from the Paint tab, it will automatically be equipped for all of your vehicles.

Any Camouflage or Stickers that was won as a Daily Reward, can be equipped by at the Paints tab and then tapping on the Camouflage or Sticker that has been obtained and using the Equip Now button. Once tapped, it will equip the selected Camouflage / Stickers on all of your vehicles.

Important information regarding Camouflage and Stickers: When you purchase Camouflage or Stickers from the Paints tab, it will be equipped and the countdown to the expiration date starts. When the time is over, the customization will be unequipped from your vehicles and will no longer be available to apply bonifications.

[Purchasing and Equipping Camouflage and Sticker]