The items you might get from crates can be classified according to their rarity. This means that some items are Legendary and it will be more difficult to find them since the drop rate is related to how unusual the items are, the more impressive, the lower the chances of getting these special items from crates.

Crate types ordered from lower to higher rarity:

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Massive
  4. Supreme
  5. Super Supreme

Crates can be obtained after completing a battle. To be rewarded with a Tech Crate you must:

  1. Finish in first, second, or third place in Free for All battles and in Survival.
  2. Be in the winning team in Team Battle.

Keep in mind that It is necessary to have an empty crate slot in your crates inventory (three free slots, one VIP only) before you enter the battle in order to receive a crate as a battle reward.

The crates you earn after battles are random, and we are not able to predict which crate you will receive. Each type of crate contains a minimum and maximum amount of Tech Equipment, and Cash. Depending on the type of crate you get, you will receive more or fewer items.

Crates you obtain as battle rewards are required to be opened in your Crates inventory. Only one Crate can be opened at a time, so choose wisely which crate you would prefer to open first.

[Supply Crate as a Battle Reward]

[Using the Crates Inventory to Open a Crate]

You can also buy crates directly from the store or as part of limited-time offers, these crates are opened immediately after being purchased.

[Purchasing a Supply Crate]