The Battle Pass is a seasonal event that is free to play and is available to all players. 

Each  Pass is composed of 50 Levels, to level up a Battle Pass you will be required to complete Battles. Make sure to obtain a high amount of kills to obtain extra Battle Pass Experience Points.

For each Level, the Battle Pass provides rewards. To obtain Elite rewards you must obtain an Elite or Elite[+] Subscription.

There are distinct types of Battle Pass Subscriptions:

  • Free: All players start a Battle Pass Season with a Free Subscription. As with any other kind of player, Free players can level up the Battle Pass by completing Battles. By leveling up the Pass, Free players are able to claim Free Rewards.

  • Elite: Players who purchase an Elite Pass have access to all Free and Elite Rewards (greater and exclusive rewards).

  • Elite [+]: Players who purchase an Elite [+] Pass have access to all Free and Elite rewards. Also, Elite[+]   players automatically Level Up to 10 Battle Pass Levels immediately after purchasing it.

Players who want to progress faster through, the Battle Pass can purchase Battle Pass Levels in exchange for a specific amount of Gold. Remember that you can Level Up the Battle Pass by completing battles.

Keep in mind that each Battle Pass is time limited. Make sure to reach the maximum Battle Pass level before the time runs out to obtain all rewards.

Once a Battle Pass season is over,  the Battle Pass stays active for a couple of more days, through this time is meant for you to claim any reward that you haven't claimed yet.  Once the season is over, you cannot obtain Battle Pass Experience Points by completing Battles, to complete the missing Levels you will have the opportunity to purchase levels.

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